heat pack #3 - New feature


Introducing the Crypto Furnace ™️ !

Know which Volume Alerts have been Triggered within the New Crypto Furnace™️ ! 

Enter the Crypto Furnace™️ within the App by clicking the Flame icon on the top right part of the screen.  🔥

You'll notice a new indicator in the Alert Inventory ( Red Marker ) that lets you know if your alerts have fired off!    Once the Volume Alert notifies you on your mobile device we will illuminate the box to this LIT state so you know how HOT each of your coins are!  Once it cools off we will remove the LIT state.  

This gives you a LIVE scoreboard of your coins and their activity.  Not only will you receive an alert on your device but you can see all of the LIT coins LIVE on demand! 

heat Pack #3 - New feature

Search For Coins & More!

The DigiLit App allows you to set Volume Alerts for over 150 coins!  We have added the ability to search for the coins within the coin inventory page!  Find your coins easily and set the Volume Alert before the coin breaks out!!

Additional Enhancements & Fixes:

- Menu Sort Change - When you change the way you sort your coins we now save this settings for the user.  When you go back to the inventory page we'll remember how you want to view your coins!

- Chart Improvements

- Enhanced Responsiveness

- Updated Format for Volume Alerts