heat pack #2 - New feature



Through our initial use of the DigiLit App we noticed coins going far beyond the 200% volume increase gain.  To evolve the app further we've introduced the Mega 500% volume alert option for all digital coins. 

As seen from the DigiLitApp screenshot below, the volume sticks are so small compared to the mountain of buy activity the arrives for LSK.  The 25% Volume Alerts picks up the rumble early at 4:30 and the 500% Volume Alert confirms the Crypto Altcoin Breakout at 5:15!

heat Pack #2 - New feature

Enabled All Alerts Option

Now that we have 5 alert options we introduced the Enable All Alerts option to easy trigger the full spectrum for the digital coin selected.

There are no limits to the amount of alerts you can sign up for.  There are no subscriptions or telegram chats needed. Once you purchase the DigiLitApp you have free alerts and future updates!

Heat Pack #2 has been released!

New Features Include:

- Performance Updates

- Chart Improvements

- UI Enhancements