digilit heat pack #1 - new feature

Enhanced Crypto Coin Charts

 - Visually stunning and filled with intricate detail.  Now Interactive by clicking each chart to see new indicators.  

  • Top Chart Options - Bar Chart & Block Chart
  • Bottom Chart Options - Volume Chart, KDJ, RSI, MACD, BOLL 
  • 1M, 5M, 30M, 1Hr, 1D Options

- Pinpoint exactly when the breakout occurs as your crypto volume alert gets triggered.


digitlit heat pack #1 - New Feature

Cryptocurrency Volume Alerts

Reset All Crypto Volume Alerts

- Reset All Alerts Functionality - Start fresh with your list of Volume Alerts by removing all of them at once

- The key to catching the next crypto trading breakout is to set the alerts for the coins with a low volume %.  When the coins heat up and you've made your trade remove the alerts at once with the feature to find new cold coins to fish for.

DIGITLIT HEAT PACK #1 - NEW enhancements

Usability Enhancements

Updated UX Designs - 

  • Within the Alert Inventory Page you can now navigate to the coin page by clicking on the name along with configuring the alert for the coin by clicking on the percentage options  
  • Settings menu added for configuring coin charts.  
  • Navigation menus now have a DigiLit theme. 

Crypto Volume Alerts Inventory Page

Crypto Volume Alerts Inventory Page

Heat Pack #1 Now Available from the Appstore

New Features & Enhancements to help with your Bitcoin & Altcoin Cryptotrading !