Crypto Volume Alerts with the New DigiLit App for Mobile

As soon as the coin's activity starts to pickup you will be notified through the DigiLitApps crypto currency volume alerts.  



Know when your favorite coins are LIT! 🔥

This DigiLit app will show you the Volume % comparison for all coins so you can see which ones are asleep at the wheel (these are the best ones to set the alerts on!) or already taken off and truly Lit!

When the Volume picks up the DigiLit App will alert your device!  Select which coin you'd like to receive an alert for and your all set.  Cast your nets for some Crypto Fishing! 

Sign up for all coins or just a few.  Trigger all 4 threshold alerts or just MAX out on 500%!

There is currently a blind spot with traders when it comes to knowing the volume comparison from day to day.  The DigiLit App will show you the important Volume % factor.   As the buys pickup the volume increases, once they hit the threshold we send you the alert.  This will truly give you an edge when trading.  This will notify you anytime there is a breakout, as long as you have the alert set!

The volume proceeds price of a digital coin and the price cannot go up and down without volume.  However, the volume can go up and down without price movement so it is the critical factor to be aware of at all times.

Sign up for Volume Alerts with your favorite coins.  Let the Breakouts come to you!

$BTC - Bitcoin

$LTC - Litecoin

$ETH - Ethereum

$BTT - Bittorrent

$HOT - HoloChain

Many others including 150+ coins from the Binance BTC Market

Crypto Volume Alerts for Mobile

BETA Expert Tip 4/23/19 :

Enable the 25% , 50% , 100%, 200% alerts when the coins' 24 Hour Volume % is below 0.   As the Volume picks up you will be notified one by one (25% , 50% , 100%, 200%) as the coin starts to heat up.   If all 4 alerts trigger at once this is could be a true breakout.  🚀

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Crypto Volume Alerts for Mobile

Catch the Breakouts Early as they Happen! 🌋

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